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University Transfer Credit Agreements

Beginning your studies at a college offers many advantages. Colleges are often close to home, class sizes are smaller, tuition fees are more affordable and the quality of education is excellent. Many Olds College diplomas provide you with a transfer credit opportunity by which you may receive up to two years of transfer towards a specific degree program. Transfer credits are based upon agreements Olds College has made with degree granting institutions in which all or some of the credits earned in a diploma can be applied towards earning a higher credential such as a degree. 

The information given below describes the specific transfer credits granted to graduates of Olds College programs from other institutions.  Information provided under Partnership Institutions refers to graduates of programs from other institutions who wish to transfer to an Olds College.  For more information on admission details, you should contact the specific degree-granting institution to which you are interested in transferring.

For questions related to Transfer Agreements, Partner Institutions, and student exchanges, please contact Student Services. 


The following information identifies the transfer agreements Olds College holds with a variety of postsecondary institutions. 

If you are planning to transfer to programs at institutions others than those with whom Olds has an identified transfer agreements, you should contact the transfer institution as early as possible regarding transfer arrangements and course planning.

NOTE: This information is current at the time of publishing and may change as the universities revise their programs.

Please be aware that you are responsible for ensuring that your registration is complete and appropriate and that your course choices comply with the transfer program to which you intend to apply.  Acceptance into an Olds College program does not guarantee admittance into a university transfer program.  

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