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Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars provide you with detailed Academic information on your Program of Study. For FEE or DATES information please see the Costs & Dates page off your program of study page, located under the PROGRAMS section of the website.  

You can also view general holidays and traditional semester starts under the Calendar of Events section of the website, as well as off the Costs & Dates page from your program page.

To review student policies, please see the Policies section of the website.

To see current course outlines use one of the options below;

  • Use the search tool below to search for either programs or courses by school or course code
  • Look for your Course List page off your program of study page
  • Use this Alphabetically listed course page to see all courses offered by Olds College

Historical Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars from previous years are archived at the bottom of this page for you to access as well.

If you require archived course outlines from previous years, please speak to Student Services, or the Office Administrator in your school/department.

Student Services
Toll Free: 1-800-661-6537
Phone: 403-556-8281

Current 2015 - 2016 Academic Calendar

Search below for the program or course outline that you would like to view.

Past Academic Calendars