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You Need Formal Documentation

The Student Disability Office will request from the student, current appropriate documentation of your disability from an appropriate certified professional. High school IPP’s  are not sufficient documentation of a disability at the college level. 

 Getting help regarding my disability?

If you plan to access accommodations while attending Olds College or are currently registered and have a documented disability, you may be eligible to receive accommodations.  Please contact the Student Disability Office, Sandra Griffin at Olds College at your earliest convenience and book an appointment.

Students With Disabilities

The mandate of the Student Disability Advisor is to work with students and instructors to identify and remove any barriers which prevent students with documented disabilities from achieving their full potential and to allow them to interact with other students on an equitable basis. Students, Instructors, and Tutors have a tool box that tell you how and where to access the supports Olds College offers. 

Sandra Griffin
Specialist, Student Disability  - Student and Support Services

Phone: (403)-507-7945
Toll Free: 1-800-661-6537 ext 7945
Fax: (403)-556-8217

Services For Students with Disabilities


Do I Qualify?

Students who register with the Student Disability Advisor may be eligible for one or more accommodations, services and assistive technology depending on the nature of the disability and the information provided in your documentation.  Types of documented disabilities include but are not limited to the following:

  •  Physical Disability
  •  Vision Impairment
  •  Hearing Impairment
  •  Learning Disability
  •  Physical Disability
  •  Mobility Disability
  •  ADD
  •  Diagnosed Mental Health Disability
  •  Chronic Medical Illnesses
  •  Brain Injuries
  •  FASD

Steps to Register as a student with disabilities

Is there funding?

Securing and coordinating of funding for accommodation is a cooperative effort between the student and the Student Disability Office .  Disability related accommodations may be covered by grants administered through Olds College provincial grants, Student Finance, Schedule 4 Grants for Equipment and Services, WCB, or private insurance companies. However, this  process may take 3 to 4 months of advanced planning and coordination of many components.

Please Register  before the semester starts so that we can assist you in getting services and supports in place prior to the start of the semester.


Student Staff Tool Boxes:  

Student and Apprentice strategy's and extra tools for post secondary success. 

Forms for students, staff and tutors to book the necessary supports or accommodations required for the registered student with disabilities. 

Learning Supports  and Accommodations 

Once the student has been accepted into their program at Olds College, they should book an appointment with the Student Disability Office to discuss accommodations.

Accommodations that are often described in documented assessments may include the following types of services:

  • Tutors
  • Note takers in specific situations
  • Assistive technology
  • Software: Read and Write Gold, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Zoom Text for sight impaired
  • Interpreters for Hearing impaired
  • Other technology: Scribe pens, etc.
  • Exam accommodations which may include; extra time, quiet space, reader and/or scribe.
  • Alternate Format Texts
  • Apps for the Ipad 
  • Assistive Technology Workshops/Training

These accommodations often are based on the documentation identified by a professional in the field: e.g. Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Doctor, Specialist, etc.