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    This page is your Staff hub. Everything you need from forms to Campus news to staff only and public events, is all linked off this page.
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Phone Directory

Not sure who to contact? See a list on our online directory



There are many people travelling from outside of town that are already involved in carpools and we would like to encourage even more. If you are interested in finding carpool options and would like to be added to the group or have any questions regarding how to use our carpool forum, please e-mail Danielle Tighe ( or call at extension 7736.

Massage & Doctor on Campus

For more information on dates and times phone the Little Shop of Healers at  403-507-2772.

The massage room is located in LRC, Room 739, Downstairs under the Learning Commons.

For appointments with the campus Doctor phone  403-556-8239 for an appointment.
The Doctor is located in LRC, Room 737, Downstairs under the Learning Commons.


Welcome to Olds College. As a staff member at Olds College everything you need while you work here you can find off this page.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions for this page.


(Fire/ Ambulance/ Police)

Phone: 403-556-8225

Holidays & Academic Dates

Academic dates and holidays calendar